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Review of StaffCop Standard

#7 in rating


Easy to use, rich functionality. Good at monitoring documents sent to print, as well as recording emails transferred via encrypted SSL channel and logging web sites visited via encrypted HTTPS connection.


Not suitable for parental control, because lacks such function as word filtering.


StaffCop Standard is a pretty easy-to-use tool for employee monitoring and data loss prevention; it can boast of rich functionality. It was designed for corporate monitoring and fits this purpose perfectly. StaffCop Standard allows real time monitoring the following:

  • keystrokes;
  • clipboard contents;
  • various operations with files and folders;
  • files, copied from the workstation to USB data storage devices;
  • visited web sites;
  • message exchange in Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ, AIM, and Skype;
  • all users' activities in social networks, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn;
  • contents of messages sent by both parties of email exchange, including attachments;
  • emails, transferred via encrypted SSL channel, and web site sessions established via HTTPS connection;
  • screenshots of user’s display;
  • all documents sent to print;
  • etc.
StaffCop's smart interface and its availability in 5 languages allows us to recommend this product to all users.

Installation & Interface

Here are the steps you will need to pass through in order to install StaffCop Standard:

Choose installation language (English, Spanish, Polish, Russian, or Ukrainian) → Welcome → Select destination folder → Additional Options (Install an Agent on this computer, Install Scheduler, Create an icon at the Desktop) → Ready to install → Finish

The only one that requires an explanation is "Additional Options" screen. User can choose it if he wants to install the agent on this PC, to install a scheduler and to create a desktop screenshot.

At the end of the installation StaffCop will ask you if you would like to launch it or reboot. Developers warn that restart is required, otherwise network applications may not work.

The interface of the keylogger is easy to understand and use. Its window is separated into two sections — the left one contains the list of PCs with monitoring agents installed, the right one — information logged at these PCs. The logged information is grouped into sections and a user can switch between them using tabs situated on the bottom of the right window. Very handy.


OS Support

According to the website of StaffCop Standard it supports all the operation systems listed in our testing. During our tests of the keylogger on Windows 7 and Windows XP no glitches or problems in the work of StaffCop Standard were found. 82 out of 102 points.


The agent of StaffCop Standard is greatly hidden. User can also password-protect the main program and set the warning messages to appear on monitored PCs. The rest of this section's features are not implemented, but in our opinion they are not actually required. StaffCop Standard is basically designed for remote employee monitoring though is capable to monitor the PC it is installed at. 75 out of 125 points.


StaffCop Standard can monitor keys pressed, clipboard content, system log on/off time, started applications and printed documents. As for the file activities, this keylogger records files' creating and deleting, but leaves no records about their opening, copying or renaming. User can also configure StaffCop not only to make desktop screenshots of monitored PC, but their quality and period of making. Unfortunately StaffCop cannot be set to photo active windows instead of entire the desktop, so as to make screenshots each time the mouse button is clicked. 221 out of 340 points.

Online Monitoring

StaffCop Standard is really good at URLs' logging — links visited in all the 5 browsers of our testing can be found in its log-files. The situation is the same with emails — the content of both incoming and outgoing ones is detected by StaffCop Standard. As for the chat conversations, the results are 3 of 4 — conversations made in Yahoo IM, ICQ and Skype are intercepted, while the chats in AOL are not.

Websites Visited
Websites Visited

148 of 176 points in this section.


In this section StaffCop Standard again shows a very good result. Unfortunately, the log files can be either copied to a flash drive or sent via the LAN, but not via email or FTP. In our opinion it is enough for corporate monitoring, but ability of the keylogger to send the log-files via email or FTP still leaves more options for the user, then using LAN or flash drive. What also worth mentioning is that StaffCop Standard not only logs the events' duration, but also can make very nice diagrams, based on the time spent in applications and websites. 132 of 150 points


StaffCop Standard such parental control functions, that are so useful in corporate monitoring. It can restrict both launching of pre-specified applications and websites. Additionally, this keylogger receives points for being able to work by schedule and its availability in 6 languages: English, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian and Portuguese


The only feature StaffCop Standard misses in this section is reacting to keywords from a pre-specified list.

So, 51 of 108 points in this section.

The Bottom Line

StaffCop Standard by AtomPark Software Inc. is easy-to-use keylogger with reach functionality. It was designed for corporate monitoring and is very good in doing its job. Its smart interface and availability in 6 languages allows us to recommend it to all the types of users.

Points total: 709 out of 1001

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